Welcome To Paragon Bows

From the vast Asian plains came a succession of highly skilled and brutally effective horse borne archers: the Huns, the Magyars, the devastating Mongol horde. And the Ottomans with their swift light Crimean-Tatar cavalry. These warriors of the Steppe shot heavily recurved bows much shorter than the longbow or today's modern recurve: from the Ottoman bows at less than 45 inches to the Tatar at around 55 inches nock to nock. Thankfully we can relax and enjoy shooting our traditional bows at target, field and clout rather than in battle.


From the 1990s we have seen a steady growth in shooting the traditional Asiatic style bow, mirroring the increasing interest in shooting 'barebow' instinctively. Modern re-creations of these fall into two broad categories: bows with covered fibre glass limbs, and bows with more efficient, lighter laminated technology as used in the modern 'Olympic' recurve, field or flat bow. Paragon Bows fall into this second category.


Crafted here in the UK by Robert Pozderka, Paragon Bows are a homage to the  traditional Asiatic recurve: elegantly designed & beautifully made, swift & smooth to draw yet compact & easy to maintain.