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Solak Bow



Product Description

The "Solak", Paragon's short bow named for the archer bodyguard of the Ottoman sultans, has been upgraded.

As a craftsman Robert Pozderka is continually refining and renewing the materials and design of his bows but sometimes that process requires a leap rather than a step. Here we are then: time to leap.

Robert's goal is to create a better more authentic shooting experience for the archer. It was there in the very popular Solak from the start but what's improved? Well, new materials mean it's heavier in the hand, more stable and there is no denying it's subtly prettier lines.

Of course the Ottoman short bow design favours function over form so yes, it bends in all the right places like a horn bow, avoiding undue stress around the grip and shoots fast, thumping arrows into the boss. So, in a nutshell, like before only more so!

Length nock to nock (measured along the belly side of the bow)  : 50.4"  128cm

Construction strengthened with a Stabilising material  for maximum stability.

Full length (measured along the belly side of the bow): 52" 132cm

Full length of strung bow : 119cm

Length of string :45 " 115cm

Brace height : 8"  20cm

Maximum draw length : 32"

Draw weight #30-60 @28

The bow comes with a bow bag and string.

Available Options

Custom options  (included in the price) :

Fibreglass laminations:

Clear or black in any configurations


Ash ( riser and siyah sections)

Maple ( riser and siyah sections)

Cherry (riser and siyah sections)

Riser section comes with phenolic reinforcment as standard.

Bamboo ( limbs )

Phenolic overlays on the bow tips:

Black or brown

Kirinite  £20  ( please contact for available colours )


Riser finish:

Option 1 : Built in dual hard wearing arrow passes with micro leather cover (standard option)

Option 2 : Cow leather cover with cow suede arrow passes  £20

Option 2 : Cow leather cover with cow rayskin arrow passes  £30

Custom options (only available with clear fibreglass ) :

Dye Stain on the Bamboo limb core (available up to #50@28 draw weight)

Price : £10 

Please contact us for available colour options


Decoration on bow limbs (belly)

Handpainted Grey Cattle horn immitation



Shipping charges: Please contact us for estimated shipping charges

Orders take the minimum of 8-10 weeks to complete. Please contact for estimated delivery time as its currently longer due to high demand.

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