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From the late 9th to mid 10th century AD, settlements around Frankish dominated Europe succumbed to devastating raids by bands of Magyars: the founders of what was to become Hungary. This group of nomadic tribes, having recently settled in the Carpathian Basin though originating from the Urals, were, like their Viking contemporaries, addicted to plunder of all kinds. Their chief weapon in this endeavour was not surprise (though always useful in an ambush) but rather the powerful horn bow wielded by light cavalry to which the post Roman Frankish military had little answer. The highly mobile Magyars all but wiped out an Eastern Frankish army at the three day Battle of Pozsony (or Pressburg) in July AD 907. Yes, Magyar cavalry could be described as light but there was nothing “lightweight” about their bows.

Robert Pozderka has once again produced an Asiatic bow of supreme yet prosaic beauty, studiously modelled on the specifications outlined by the Hungarian Bow Foundation: we introduce the Griffin. Why “Griffin”? Well perhaps because it is the quintessential mythical beast of West Eurasia, and no country embodies West Eurasia more than Hungary. No matter, the beauty of the bow is only exceeded by its function: in other words it shoots even better than it looks. Akin to the Conquest Era bows of the Mongols which the Magyar bow precedes, such short limbed and long straight tipped bows are very stable but here the Griffin is not only stable but fast even in moderate poundages. As speedy, strong and stable as the doughty steppe horses indeed.

Length nock to nock (measured along the belly side of the bow)  : 52"  132cm   

Construction strengthened with a special polymer composite material for maximum longitudinal and lateral stability

Full length (measured along the belly side of the bow): 55.5" 141cm

Full length of strung bow : 124cm

Length of string :45 " 114.5cm

Brace height : 7"  18 cm

Maximum draw length : 31"

Draw weight #28-60 @28

The bow comes with a bow bag and string.




Available Options

Custom options  (included in the price ) :

Fibreglass laminations:

Clear or black in any configurations


American Ash ( riser and siyah sections)

American Maple ( riser and siyah sections)

American Cherry (riser and siyah sections)

Bamboo ( limbs )

Phenolic overlays on the bow tips:

Black or brown

Kirinite Overlays on the bow tips : £20

please contact for availbale colours

Custom options (extra charge - stain is only available with clear fibreglass ) :

Dye Stain on the Bamboo limb core (available on max #50@28)

Price: £10

Please contact us for the available colour options

Riser custom options:

Cow leather grip with cow suede arrow passes (included in the price)

Hard wearing arrow passes with  leather grip 

Price : £10 /side

Stingray arrow pass with leather grip


Decoration on bow limbs (belly)

Handpainted Grey Cattle horn immitation


Shipping charges: Please contact us for estimated shipping charges. ...

Orders take the minimum of 8-10 weeks to complete. Please contact for estimated delivery time as its currently longer due to high demand.

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