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Khan Bow



Product Description

Central Asia is the true melting pot of Turco-Mongol and Persian cultures where the Timurid Empire rose to power in the 14th-15th century. 
The bow is inspired by the Tsaagan Khad and Omnogov (Mongolian conquest era) findings but with an added touch of Turkish and Persian design elements making it a unique in-betweener.
The Khan is using the same proven technology as our flagship model the Raider but in a shorther more compact form.
Short limbs and long siyah sections are providing an excellent drawing experience combined with speed and stability.

Length nock to nock (measured along the belly side of the bow)  : 50.5"  128cm

Construction strengthened with a special polymer composite material for maximum longitudinal and lateral stability

Full length (measured along the belly side of the bow): 52.5" 134cm

Full length of strung bow : 120cm

Length of string :45 " 115cm

Brace height : 6.5"  16.5cm

Maximum draw length : 32"

Draw weight #28-60 @28

The bow comes with a bow bag and string.


Available Options

Custom options  (included in the price ) :

Fibreglass laminations:

Clear or black in any configurations


American Walnut (riser and siyah sections )

American Ash ( riser and siyah sections)

American Maple ( riser and siyah sections)

American Cherry (riser and siyah sections)

Bamboo ( limbs )

Phenolic overlays on the bow tips:

Black or brown

Custom options (extra charge - only available with clear fibreglass ) :

Dye Stain on the Bamboo limb core

Price: £10

Please contact us for the available colour options

Riser custom options:

Hard wearing arrow passes with  leather grip 

Price : £10 /side


Shipping charges: Please contact us for estimated shipping charges.

Orders take the minimum of 8-10 weeks to complete.

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